Jazz is defined in the dictionary as a musical term. Characterized by strong yet flexible rhythms. Fresh and sometimes wild is a good description. Both jazz and tap are very familiar dance modes. The music is lively, exciting and done at a faster tempo.

Jazz has its own rules, just like ballet, and requires you to have a very free and flexible body, together with the ability to isolate all its separate parts. It can be clean and cool, abstract and slightly remote or very energetic.

Level 5-6

Competition Level 4 Jazz

Level 4



Jazz Competition Level 7-8
Level 7-8



Jazz dance is a very personal and creative form of dance and once you have learned the technique you can create. Jazz has developed over the years along with the pop music of the time.

Jazz includes: Theatrical, Hip-Hop and Modern. Students will learn various methods given to us by artists such as; Luigi, Fosse, Giordano, etc. Jazz is known for today's trends in music and videos.

Jazz Level 6
Level 6

In a truly American tradition, modern jazz dance is a highly stylized mix of the original jazz dances with steps from the crazes of each decade.

The jazz we do today retains the syncopated rhythms, body isolations and undulating torsos, but it cannot be neatly defined because its essence is its changeability.

Whatever is in the popular culture, jazz updates itself by the music and dances the general public knows and enjoys.

Body placement and technique are very important in this dance form of high speed and energy.


Level 3-4

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Jazz stresses torso movement. Both tap and jazz will challenge you rhythmically, but you can master the basics in less time than you would need for ballet. There is more action than analysis in these happy and outgoing dance styles. You learn by doing and can progress at your own speed.

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