Creative Movement

Creative dance is designed for young students who love to move to music. This class is the least structured and geared for enjoyment while developing dance concepts. Selections of music, movement, stories and props are used to maintain interest fo rthe young dancer.

Creative movement is unique. This is geared toward young beginning dancers. It is a child's first experience in a dance class. The steps learned are their basics and are jazz based. (Hops, skips, jumps, galloping, etc.) They become aware of space, direction, size and levels.

Instruction includes:

  • positive happy attitudes
  • group cooperation
  • stretching right and left
  • fast and slow movements
  • high and low movements
  • moving front and back and side
  • turning around in space
  • rolling
  • skips
  • jumps
  • gallops (chassés)
  • hops (sautés)
  • circles and lines
  • hopscotch
  • counting, rhythm
  • correct posture
  • feet point and flex
  • character development

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