(Tap, Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Tumbling)
Ages 3 - 6


In the combination class and beginning levels, the most classical form of dance is ballet. Creating the basic technique needed for the well trained dancer. The basics of classical ballet will be introduced and will include: posture and placement, balance, positions of the feet and arms, basic barre and center work and the unforced turn-out.

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We're Remarkable Cows (2017)

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West With The Night (2017)


Tap is the one form of dance where the student is following the exact beat of the music and where each student can definitely develop a sense of rhythm and timing. The quick footwork acquired through tap dancing enhances balance, coordination and control. Classes will include correct tap terminology, developing musicality and rhythm through motion. Tap is an American art form and has many different styles. The taps are an instrument. Learn to play the instrument so you can master the art form.



Instruction includes:

  • somersaults front & back
  • bridge
  • seals
  • crab walk
  • cartwheels, right & left
  • walking on low beam
  • rocking chair
  • jumps

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